About Chris De Bell

Professional Wrestling Manager, Creative Consultant, Motivational Speaker


I am a self made award winning Talent Manager and Advertising Executive, who has transitioned from the world of Broadcast Media to Professional Wrestling. I intend to drag this industry kicking and screaming into the 21st century, as I have done for so many radio stations and organisations.

Due to my considerable increase in popularity as an after dinner speaker and motivational coach for many of the UK’s top earning businesses, I have turned my skills to the podcast medium, which is currently polluted by Wrestling fans, particularly in the UK.

Thanks to a surge in Wrestling’s popularity in recent years, these fans are able to consume hours upon hours of new content a week, very little of which they deserve to see, even less of which they truly understand. I will teach them respect and discipline in a concise and manageable way; week by week, we will change Professional Wrestling into the sophisticated art form and gentleman’s sport it was meant to be.

Together we will send the fat, lazy, Forbidden Planet merchandise wearing, underserving wrestling “marks” back to Nando’s where they belong.

Wrestling deserves more. It deserves me.